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Nea Energeia is Your Trusted Ally in a Greener Tomorrow

At Nea Energeia Group, we are driven by a powerful vision — a vision of a world where communities take charge of their own sustainable energy future. Our mission is to empower and partner with these communities, providing them with the tools, expertise, and clean energy solutions needed to not just thrive, but to lead the way in a greener and more sustainable tomorrow. We believe in the strength of unity and shared responsibility, where together, we harness the limitless power of the sun and wind to create a future where clean energy powers our homes, businesses, and lives.

With over two decades of experience, we stand as a trusted ally in your journey towards a brighter, more eco-conscious future. Nea Energeia Group is your beacon in the renewable energy landscape, illuminating the path toward a community-driven, sustainable world. Together, we’ll pave the way for a future where communities truly power the world, reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring a better, more sustainable life for generations to come.
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We are a comprehensive development and operations platform.

From the initial meeting with landowners to the ongoing operation of wind, solar, and storage assets for decades, Nea Energia in-house team of professionals is engaged at every stage of the process.

Project services

Dedicated to large-scale wind, large-scale solar, and ommunity clean energy projects.


Due diligence, surveying, environmental assessment, permits and approvals.

Engineering, procurement and construction

Electrical/mechanic/civil engineering and construction, backed by competitive high-quality procurement services.

Project finance

Project financing services for large scale projects, with tailored and attractive options to offer.

Commercial operations

In-house asset management and operations and maintenance.

Value-add technical services

AI-backed, secure, software platform for communications, data analytics, and operation optimisation



Our Focus Areas

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.

Utility scale system

At Nea Energeia, our utility-scale system service exemplifies our unwavering dedication to delivering comprehensive solutions and turnkey services for large-scale solar and battery storage projects. Our approach is marked by meticulous attention to design, engineering, and construction, underpinned by our extensive expertise in the renewable energy sector. Our seasoned professionals work in close collaboration with our clients, harnessing the full spectrum of our core services to evaluate their unique energy needs and objectives, all while prioritizing sustainability and seamless grid integration. We craft bespoke solar energy solutions that adhere to the highest industry standards. As specialists in the renewable energy field, we excel in designing and installing utility-scale solar systems. Our solutions encompass a diverse array of components, including solar panels, inverters, transformers, battery storage systems, HV substations, and more. With a proven track record and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we stand as your trusted partner in harnessing the boundless power of the sun for a sustainable energy future.

Commercial system

At Nea Energeia, our experienced team of professionals leverages state-of-the-art technology and advanced software to craft bespoke site plans and determine the optimal system size and configuration. This rigorous approach ensures strict adherence to safety and environmental regulations. Our solar commercial systems are meticulously designed to offer dependable, long-term energy savings. They not only empower our clients to achieve their sustainability objectives but also significantly reduce their operating costs. With Nea Energeia, you have a trusted partner dedicated to delivering sustainable energy solutions tailored to your commercial needs.

Residential / Rooftop solution

Our solar utility-scale system service offers a comprehensive approach to designing, engineering, and constructing large-scale solar energy installations. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with clients to assess their energy needs and goals, identify suitable locations, and develop customized solar energy solutions. We specialize in the design and installation of utility-scale solar systems, including solar panels, inverters, transformers, and power distribution networks.

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Solar construction services involve the physical construction of solar energy systems. This includes site preparation, installation of solar panels, electrical and mechanical components, and commissioning of the system.


Solar procurement services involve the sourcing and acquisition of equipment and materials necessary for the construction of solar energy systems. This includes identifying and selecting suppliers, negotiating pricing and contracts, and coordinating delivery and logistics.

Engineering Consulting

Solar engineering involves the design and development of solar energy systems. This includes assessing energy needs, creating site plans, designing and specifying equipment, and ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulations. Solar engineering is essential for the successful implementation of solar energy systems

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Micro Grid Power station
Star Charging City-level Light Energy Storage and Charging Station
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Global Partner

We collaborate closely with landowners, local communities, EPC firms, equipment suppliers, developers, and various other stakeholders to bring each of our projects to fruition.

Global Partner

We collaborate closely with landowners, local communities, EPC firms, equipment suppliers, developers, and various other stakeholders to bring each of our projects to fruition.

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